Cave Story Recomposed


This all started when the Wii version came out, and I was speed-running Hell with a sideways Wii-mote.  I became frustrated, and decided to switch over to the Wii music to see what Running Hell sounded like.  Like many of the new remixes it was rather abrasive.  So I decided to do my own remake one, or two tracks off the PC OST.  I started with Running Hell, and kinda never stopped.

You'll notice I didn't do too much "remixing" of the existing material, because let's face it…  The OST was near sonic perfection as-is…  I did what I felt at the time, and I'm rather pleased with how it all played out…

Thanks go out to: “Pixel,” for creating Cave Story.  Tyler, for offering outside perspective on many of the early mixes.  The commenters, and subscribers from YouTube and other sites for giving great compliments, and excellent criticism.  My parents, Apple, Ibanez, Native Instruments, Mackie, KRK, AKG, Onkyo, Auralex, Heely’s, Maxwell & Deamus, Paul, Slimy, Samus, Gavin, and most of all…  My partner Kryss:  “No words could thank you enough, and no song could rival your beauty…”

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